Dalibor Nasevic

Hello, my name is Dalibor Nasevic.

I’m a Sr. Principal Software Engineer at GoDaddy, specializing in Ruby, AWS, and Email Delivery. I’m responsible for delivering billions of emails for internal partner teams and customers. I design, build and scale our email delivery platform that runs on AWS cloud infrastructure and on-premise.

Prior to joining GoDaddy, I worked as a Software Consultant helping startups and companies using Ruby on Rails. I co-founded MKRUG and facilitated several Coderetreat events sharing the Software Craftsmanship values and the eXtreme Programming principles and practices.

In 2010, I stumbled upon Titanium Mobile and won the award for the best mobile application at the first Android challenge in Macedonia, organized by VIP mobile operator.

In 2018, I moved to Belgrade, Serbia where I enjoy attending football and basketball games.

You can reach out to me via email.