About three months ago with few Ruby Hackers from Macedonia, we started a local Ruby User Group in Skopje (Macedonia). We looked for a good and consistent place with basic stuff for presentations like internet and projector. Our first meetings were at different places like Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje and Cultural Center Tocka. In collaboration with Free Software Macedonia and other open source freaks we managed to organize a Hacklab (an autonomous technology zone) which we can share and have regularly meetings in.

So far we have done few official presentations and workshops with our Ruby users group:

  • “Rails Theatre Night” - Watching Ruby/Rails related presentations / screencasts to enhance group knowledge & general interest
  • “Hands-on introduction to Ruby on Rails” - Installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails on three different platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • “Rubygems & Cucumber” - Introduction to RubyGems and how to create a gem, Introduction to Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber

Our next meeting titled Formtastic, Google Docs API / MKRUG Acer 23 Raffle, Ruby / Rails Help Desk is scheduled for 29th of October and it will happen in Skopje Hacklab.

If you are interested in Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails framework or Open Source stuff in general we are open for you - ruby.mk. Links to the group are here: Google Group, LinkedIn, Twitter.