One more Global Day of Coderetreat is behind us. The 6th since the beginning in 2011. It was another great experience for me being part of it by facilitating the local event in Skopje.

GDCR 2016 Skopje

Bojan and the rest of the HASELT team did a great job hosting the event this year and making sure attendees had the best possible experience. I am very grateful for their passion and inspirational energy organizing the whole thing.

GDCR 2016 Skopje

It’s really awesome to see how Skopje’s GDCR event evolved and improved over the years. I remember the first one in 2011 in Hacklab KIKA open space. I was a facilitator, a host and I even paired a session or two. I even had to make sure few friends will attend it so it’s not completely empty. Looking from this distance I’m proud of how we got it started and joined the global community and how it has evolved over the years.

GDCR 2011 Skopje

Finally, the attendees. The ones for who the event is. The ones that chose to spend that Saturday practicing software design with other developers, work in different programming languages, share their knowledge and improve their craft together. Their passion, their positive energy and their enthusiasm. It’s great to see how inspirational the event can be for them in the closing retrospective and what they are going to change on their daily jobs starting Monday.

So beautiful to see this continuing. I hope it gets even more adapted with the local companies here and becomes more regular practice. Why wait another year for the next Global Day of Coderetreat!?