Skopje is participating in the 4th annual Global Day of Coderetreat 2014. The event will be held on Saturday, November 15th at Ever-Near office. There are few spots left, so hurry up to register.

Coderetreat is a day long event of practicing object-oriented software design with focus on the 4 rules of simple design. It’s a great chance to meet other developers in our community and learn more about development techniques like test driven development and pair programming. You should know at least some basics on how to program and bring your laptop.

Global Day Of Coderetreat 2014

Thanks to our sponsors: Ever Near, Siyelo, Personal Programmer and GigaVoice for providing catering and T-shirts for participants and thanks to MKRUG folks for supporting the event.

This is 4th Global Day of Coderetreat event in Skopje. See notes from past years: 2011, 2012 and 2013.