Last Saturday I hosted and facilitated Global Day Of Coderetreat event in Skopje (Macedonia). It is second year I’m doing that, you can read the notes from last year here  GDCR 2011.

Global Day Of Coderetreat T-shirt design

At GDCR 2012 we had 10 participants at our event that were challenged to work outside of their comfort zone and learn new things. They had a great time pair programming with their fellow developers, practicing TDD and writing code that respects the 4 rules of simple design. They worked in few different languages like: Ruby, Python, Javascript, Coffeescript and C. Here are some photos from the event.

I would like to thank all participants for attending the event, companies: Siyelo, Ever Near and NOVP for sponsoring lunch, T-shirts and hardware for Hacklab KIKA where the event was organized.

Also I would like to thank Corey Haines, Jim Hurne and Adrian Bolboaca for global organization and facilitator sessions, and special thanks to Milan Nasevic and Naum Kostovski for their help organize the event.

Coderetreat has been a great experience for me because even as a facilitator I’ve learned a lot about software design, OO principles and I’m looking forward to Global Day of Coderetreat 2013!